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McNett Aquasure Repair Adhesive 1oz Tube

McNett Aquasure Repair Adhesive 1oz Tube

McNett Aquasure is a urethane repair adhesive & sealant, perfect for repairing all sorts of wet weather gear and wetsuits.

Aquaseal permanently bonds, seals and waterproofs hundreds of materials. This unique formula is the industry standard for maximum bond strength, abrasion resistance, flexibility and waterproofing. Physically, Aquaseal is a high viscosity gel that cures to an extremely elastic, clear urethane rubber. Since it is a thermoset urethane, cured Aquaseal is impervious to solvents (such as gasoline) or extremes of heat and cold (-40F to +400F).
Aquaseal is ideal for bonding neoprenes, fabrics, latex, trilaminates, PVC, Hypalon, natural and synthetic leather, foams, composites and many plastics. This specialized formula is ideal for sealing stitching and reinforcing high stress areas on wet suits, dry suits, Hypalon and PVC boats and hundreds of other items. Aquaseal also makes an ideal abrasion patch for high wear areas such as knees, seats and luggage bottoms. Seals and repairs made with Aquaseal generally last the life of the item.

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